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Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

This past month has flown by! God has bee very good! We heard of at least two new supporters who chose to partner with us to reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Praise the LORD! We are a few steps closer to reaching Indonesia!

As I write this letter, I look at the clock and we are at less than twenty-four hours to the wedding! Gina and I are very, very excited for our wedding! However, you won’t be reading this letter until after we are married and on our honeymoon. We will be back on deputation as of Sunday, February 7th with a full calendar clear through the end of March, and Praise God, April is already booked halfway too!

God has been very good to us this month in that: He gave us thirty-one new meetings booked over the course of this year. With fifty-two weeks, and three possible meetings a week, Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, and Wednesday Evening, that is an opportunity to have one hundred and fifty-six meetings a year. At this time, we still have eighty open dates this year. Would you pray that God would continue to bless and give meetings for Gina and I to raise our support to get to Indonesia and share the Gospel with them?

We thank you for you prayers and support! We hope and pray that God would bless you as you have blessed us! We ask, would you continue to pray that God would keep us safe as we travel the roads on deputation? Would you pray that God would continue to bring us in contact with those whom we can be a blessing to? Would you continue to pray that God would raise our support level so that we may reach Indonesia with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

With love in our hearts,

In service to The King,

Jens & Gina Looney

Your Missionaries To Indonesia

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