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Why Indonesia?


When I returned from South Africa in June of 2019, I had finished my training at the Our Generation Training Center, but now that it was done, I needed to figure out what the Lord had as the next step for me. I was actually praying about three different countries, and Indonesia was not one of them.

After almost three months of praying and seeking God's will, I was very frustrated. One day in a fit of my frustration, I told God I needed Him to "either give me peace about which of these countries to go to, or show me His will in this area!" I then went for a walk to calm down, and while I was out walking, Indonesia popped into my head. I thought "Well, in this day and age, there is no reason I should not know anything about Indonesia." So I began to research about Indonesia.


After finding out some basic things about Indonesia, the thought struck me; "I have the phone number for a missionary to Indonesia! Why not just call him?" So I called my friend Josh Ewing. He told me a few basic thing about Indonesia, but then he made this statement: "In Indonesia, many of the Muslims are nominal Muslims. They are Muslim in name only. Many of them are looking for something new, something better that can fill the void in their heart." At that statement, I almost jumped out of my chair as I said "Why aren't we flooding Indonesia with the Gospel then?!?!"  Josh said "Amen, Brother, why aren't we?" With that, God had touched my heart, and a few weeks later gave me peace. I know He has called me to take the Gospel to Indonesia.

About Indonesia:


Current population: 270,600,000 million souls



87.2% Muslim or 207,200,00 souls

6.9% "Christian" (all Protestant religions) or 16,500,000 souls

2.9% Catholic or 6,900,000 souls

1.7% Hindu or 4,000,000 souls

0.7% Buddhist or 1,700,00 souls

0.05% Confucian or 100,000 souls


Capital city: Jakarta, population of 10,770,00 souls

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