Recommendation from My Home Church Pastor

I am excited to recommend to you Jens Looney as a church planting missionary to Indonesia. God has given me the privilege of being the Jens’ pastor for over three years. I have watched as the Lord has grown him in many ways. Jens has a servant’s heart. He desires to be used and will do any job from the minimal to the hardest.


Jens will be going to Indonesia, which is one of the neediest countries in the world. I believe that God will use him greatly. I believe that if you will support him as one of your missionaries you will have much fruit added to your account. I want to ask you to have Jens in to present his ministry to your church. He will bless your church. He is worthy of your support. If you have any further questions about Jens, his character, dedication, preparation, or service please feel free to give me a call.


Yours to evangelize the world in our generation,

W. Austin Gardner