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T-minus 29 days!!!!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I received an email from a dear friend who decided to partner with me to reach Indonesia with the Gospel!! Praise the LORD!! God is good! A few more steps closer to those who have never heard of what Christ has done for them. Maybe, the LORD would lead you to partner with a missionary to reach the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Have you thought about it?

Praise the LORD! Everything is going smoothly in the planning and preparing for the big day at the end of this month! I look forward to the wedding with greater excitement each day. On January 30th, Regina Gordon will cease to exist, and Regina Looney will be born. Not unlike the day I got saved the old man died, being crucified with Christ, and the new man was born again by the Holy Spirit of God. Would you pray that God would help me to love Regina, like He loves Regina? Like Christ loves the Church?

We had a wonderful time this year at the Our Generation Summit! Over three-hundred people showed up to see what they could learn about or how they could fit in to God’s plan to reach the world with the Gospel. On the first day alone twenty-one young folks signed a pledge that states they are changing their default setting from staying to going wherever God wants them to go. One young man I had the privilege of speaking with, Nehemiah, was among those who signed. Would you pray that the LORD would guide and guard him

as he walks this path following Christ?

Would you continue to pray for me, that God would guide me to the right churches, that He would guide my words and actions to be a blessing to all those I come in contact with as I travel, and that He would continue to speed my way on to Indonesia?

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