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Marvelous May

Hello Friends and Fellow Laborers, Month: May

This has been a great month! Three more churches voted to take us on and several more said they would be voting in the near future. We also had a great time at the annual Vision Baptist Missions Orientation. It was a good time of relaxing and revisiting not only the foundations of Christian life and living, but also of learning more of ministry and how to minster to those God puts before us.

I mentioned last month that Gina and I were gearing up for our survey trip in June. Well, I have great news on this front too! The door opened up for us to get visas-on-arrival in Jakarta, Indonesia! This is exactly what we were waiting for, and we were able to purchase tickets which means we now have our dates for the trip! We will fly out of Atlanta on June 6th, and getting back to Atlanta on June 20th. Not only do we have this praise but Thalia’s passport has finally arrived! Thank you all so much for praying for us! We are excited to see Indonesia for the first time and to write you all and tell you about it!

Please be in prayer for us as we are preparing for our survey trip and for us while we are on our survey trip. One of the purposes of the this trip is to re-work our budget for living and ministry in Indonesia. Before we started deputation, we put together an abstract budget of what it might take to live in Indonesia. With some of the conversations we’ve been having with our missions board and the veteran missionary with whom we will be working, we think we set the budget at more than what is needed. This is one of the things we will discuss with the veteran missionary while we are there and be able to put real numbers to our budget rather than an the abstract. We will also have the opportunity to see the ministry opportunities in Jakarta and learn more about how we are able to effectively share the Gospel in Indonesia. Would you be praying that this trip proves profitable in showing us what we need to do to further prepare for our move to Indonesia?

Thank you so much for you prayers for us as we travel! Please continue to pray that God will lead us to the churches He would have us go to and that He would get us to Indonesia quickly?

With Love in our hearts,

In service to the King,

Jens, Gina, and Thalia Looney

Your Missionaries to Indonesia

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