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Homeless but Happy

Hello Friends and Fellow Laborers, Oct 2022

God has been so good to us! This month has been packed full of meetings and final visits with family! Thank you so much for your continuous prayers as we near the end of deputation life is getting more and more busy. We need your prayers for strength, wisdom, and guidance now as much as ever.

As we are getting near the end of our time on the road, our lease on the apartment came to an end on October 1st. Gina and I were talking about it, and since we were only ever there a few nights out of the month anyway we decided not to renew our lease. Instead, we will be saving this money to help with our setup fund. We set aside a week to pack up the apartment. What is going with us to Indonesia is now in a storage unit. We were exhausted but excited about this step of faith as we prepare for our departure. You have probably never met anyone as excited to be homeless as we are!

Speaking of getting to Indonesia, our visas have still not been approved yet. That is not a bad thing right now though because we want our visas to be approved in November. Like I mentioned in the last prayer letter, once they are approved we have ninety days to move. If the get approved before November, our goal of moving in January will have to be pushed up, and we are still between 85-90% of our support and 80% of our set-up fund. We need your prayers now more than ever that our support comes in, and our set-up fund comes in as well as our visas being approved!

Thank you so much for you prayers for us as we travel! Please continue to pray that God will lead us to the churches He would have us go to, that He would raise the remainder of our support and set-up funds, and that He would get us to Indonesia quickly and safely.

With Love in our hearts,

In service to the King,

Jens, Gina, and Thalia Looney

Your Missionaries to Indonesia

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