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Happy Birthday To... Who?

Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers, October / 2023

It seems hard to believe it has already been a month since our last prayer letter, and yet, here we are again. God has been good to us this month. His hand of protection has been clear, and His help in our living and learning here has been evident! Praise Him for His wonderful goodness is everlasting!

Not long after sending our last prayer letter Gina and I started our next semester of language school. Gina and I are both able to go to school together, although we are in different classes. Our first set of evaluations this semester are going to be this Monday & Tuesday, October 9th & 10th. Please pray for our continued growth in the Indonesian language.

We are praising the Lord for a visitor at the church we currently attend here in Jakarta! As you may be aware, while we are here studying the language and culture, we are working under the ministry of veteran missionaries Josh & Elizabeth Ewing. Over the last few weeks, a man has come pretty consistently. Daniel is from Africa but has lived in Jakarta for some time and is here for work. Please pray for him as he continues to come, and we are able to share the Gospel with him and see him grow!

This past month Islam, all over the world, celebrated the prophet Mohammed’s birthday. It was interesting for me, to see how they made it a special day. It’s a holiday that the government gave most people off. There is a mosque a stones throw from our house, and for the first time I saw police outside a mosque. I assume they were there for protection as this would be almost the Muslim equivalent to Christmas. Please pray for Indonesia as they are in great need of the Gospel and pray for us that we do not become numb to the darkness around us.

Thank you so much for being faithful to pray for us, and for our prayer requests. Pray for us to have patience and wisdom to deal with the trials that God allows to come our way. Pray for our children that we may teach them about the Lord so that they may one day have a personal relationship with Him. Lastly, pray for us as we continue to grow together as a family.

With Love in Our Hearts,

In Service to the King,

Jens, Gina, Thalia & Inara Looney

Your Missionaries to Indonesia

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