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Busy Month, Busy Life.

Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers, November / 2023

So much has happened this month that I cannot even fit it all in this prayer letter. With so much that happened, it is difficult to know which stories to put in this letter. One thing has is for sure, God has been so good to us this month. His provision and care are evident in our lives.

We recently had our second evaluation of this semester of language school. Gina and I are both struggling with some of the concepts in Indonesian. One of my classmates asked my why I thought I was having trouble, I responded, “Because I still think in English.” Please pray for our continued growth in the Indonesian language.

This past month, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with one of my neighbors! He had spent some time in Ohio growing up, so he speaks very, very good English. He has a daughter, named Leia, whose age is between Thalia and Inara. Leia and Thalia have become very good friends, and one day, while I was out walking with Thalia, he was out with Leia. He began asking me about why I was here and Christianity in general. I took the opportunity to share the Gospel. I do not think he was asking about the Gospel for his heart so much as his head, but I’ll share the Gospel with anyone given the opportunity! Please pray for more opportunities like this and for the Gospel to get past people’s heads to their hearts.

Thalia and Inara’s health has not been the greatest these past couple of weeks. Inara has a cough and mucus she is struggling to get rid of, but she seems to be on the mend now. Thalia has been having allergic reactions. We are not really sure what is causing Thalia’s allergic reactions. At first we thought it was to an insect bite/sting, but because the hives keep returning, we are not sure. It is really nerve racking to see our little girl break out in hives and scratching while all she can say is “Itchy. Itchy.” Please keep the health of our family in your prayers. Would you also pray specifically that the doctor can help us figure out what is causing Thalia’s recurring hives?

Thank you for being faithful to pray for us, and for our prayer requests. Pray for us to have patience and wisdom to deal with the trials that God allows to come our way. Pray for our children that we may teach them about the Lord so that they may one day have a personal relationship with Him. Lastly, pray for us as we continue to grow together as a family.

With Love in Our Hearts,

In Service to the King,

Jens, Gina, Thalia & Inara Looney

Your Missionaries to Indonesia

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