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We're Getting Married!!!!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Two more churches decided to partner with me to reach Indonesia with the Gospel!! Praise the LORD!! One church I was with voted to take me on for support at the end of the Missions Conference! God is good! A few more steps closer to those who have never heard of what Christ has done for them.

A very important change has begun in my life. On November 13th, Friday evening, I asked Regina Gordon to marry me... You can’t tell me God doesn’t work miracles because she said “Yes”!!!! We have begun planning and preparing for our wedding on January 30th. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and without a hitch... Well, except the one we’re planning of course.

Vision Baptist Missions is getting ready to kick-off their second Share-a-thon! We will be promoting world evangelism, the Our Generation Training Center, the Baptist Center For World Evangelism, and much more! There will be missionaries speaking on the need for the gospel in their countries, good God-honoring music, and great preaching. We are trying to raise funds to build on the property the LORD allowed us to acquire earlier this year. If you would like to tune in and listen, you can at any time Friday, December 4th, or Saturday, December 5th, from 8am to 10pm at Vision Baptist Mission FaceBook page!

Would you continue to pray for me, that God would guide me to the right churches, that He would guide my words and actions to be a blessing to all those I come in contact with as I travel, and that He would continue to speed my way on to Indonesia?

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