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We Got Tickets!!!!

Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers, January 2023

Happy New Year!!! I hope you have enjoyed your holiday season! We certainly have! God has been so good to us, and we are excited to share this prayer letter with you! We are currently at 97% of our support! Please continue to pray that God will raise the final 3% so we can leave for Indonesia at full support. In addition, my visa has been approved! We are still waiting for Gina’s and Thalia’s visas, but there is good news on that front. Their visas will be approved or denied based on my approval or denial. Since my visa was approved, their visas should be approved with little to know issue which leads me to the next bit of great information.

We have purchased our tickets! We are scheduled to fly out Monday evening, February 13th! We will land in Indonesia Wednesday morning, February 15th. It’s coming down to the wire, and there are just a few last minute things to line up and it’s all falling into place!

Please pray with us that the remaining visas will process as quickly as we are told they should. Thank you so much for you prayers for us as we travel! Please continue to pray for God’s protection as we travel, that He would raise the remainder of our support and set-up funds, and that He would help us as we set-up our home in Indonesia and begin to learn Indonesian so we may communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them!

With Love in our hearts,

In service to the King,

Jens, Gina, and Thalia Looney

Your Missionaries to Indonesia

P.S. Our mailing and support address has changed. Our new support address is:

Vision Baptist Missions P.O.Box 647 Dawsonville, GA. 30534.

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