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Snow? In Texas?!

Wow! What a wonderful month it has been! We had a great time down in Texas AND heard of THREE new churches who chose to partner with us to reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Praise the LORD! We are a few steps closer to reaching Indonesia!

Folks, I was worried Gina and I might have broken Texas. We got down there and literally the next day… IT SNOWED!! Not an inch or two, but there was six or eight inches! I know some of you get that in October every year, but you have to remember, I am from SOUTHERN Louisiana, Snow and me don’t really know how to get along.

Worse yet, I hate the cold with a fiery passion and there were a couple of days it was colder in Texas than it was in Alaska! In fact, the sad truth is that there were several people who froze in they’re homes, several elderly folks and even a few kids were found frozen on their couches. Please pray for those families who lost loved ones and pray that the LORD would use this to turn their hearts toward him.

Folks, God has been good to us. He has kept us safe and warm. He has kept us safe as we travel. He has met our financial needs every step of the way. But we are still far from what we need to get to Indonesia. Please pray for the LORD to keep His hand of blessing on us and raise the needed funds to get to Indonesia?

We thank you for you prayers and support! We hope and pray that God would bless you as you have blessed us! Would you continue to pray that God would keep us safe as we travel the roads on deputation, and that He would continue to bring us in contact with those whom we can be a blessing to, and that He would continue to raise our support level so that we may reach Indonesia with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

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