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Selamat Pagi! (Good Morning!)

Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers, March 2023

Wow! It is difficult to believe it has been a month already. The Lord has blessed us so much during this time of transition. We have already found a house, bought a car, and have accomplished so much more than I can fit into this prayer letter! Praise The Lord! Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for our safe and timely travels! God has brought us and our belongings to our new home and all praise belongs to Him!

Last prayer letter we asked for specific prayer on a few things, I want to give you an update on those requests:

1. We found a house and most of the furnishings for it. We are still waiting for several things to be delivered and there are still repairs and modifications being done to the home.

2. We found a hospital for Inara to be born in, and we have met with the doctor who will be doing the delivery. We still have about eight weeks before she is due. Prayers would be appreciated as it seems this pregnancy involves placenta previa which can either allow the pregnancy to continue to advance smoothly or proceed with complications.

3. We have found the language school we want to attend. It is at a well-liked university. This week I will register for the upcoming trimester. However, Gina will not be allowed to take classes this upcoming trimester because it starts around the time of Inara’s birth. She will do some language learning at home and will be starting the following trimester. Pray for us as we try to pick up Indonesian between now and when class starts.

The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful Christian lady who is going to watch Thalia and eventually Inara for us while we are in school. She has already started coming over so that Thalia and her can get acquainted and she has done so well. We truly feel so blessed as this was a huge answer to a personal prayer of our family.

Please pray for us as we are starting our new life over here in Jakarta, Indonesia. So much has already happened, and so much more needs to happen before we can begin to truly minister to the people God has brought us here to minister to.

With Love in our hearts,

In service to the King,

Jens, Gina, Thalia, and Inara Looney

Your Missionaries to Indonesia

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