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July's Journeys

Hello Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers, Month: August 2021

God is good all the time. It has been a wonderful month! God has kept us safe as we travel. It has been a blessing to travel to churches and see how God is working around the us! Three churches have voted to take us on, and we news about Bro. Gardner’s health!

As you may recall from our last prayer letter, Bro. Gardner was getting ready to go in to find out what the growths on his kidney were. The doctors discovered that two of the growths were cancerous. We were/are heartbroken to hear that he again has cancer on his kidney. However, they are able to treat it with pills, and a once a month blood transfusion. Please pray that God would bring swift healing!

My wife and I were able to attend Vision Baptist Missions annual Marriage Retreat for the first time! We had a wonderful time enjoying fellowship with other missionaries and church members! We thoroughly enjoyed the lessons taught by Bro. Austin Gardner, Bro. Wayne Cofield, and Bro. Jim Roberts II as they challenged us with this years theme “Heirs together of the grace of God”!

Please pray for Chavez (Here after referred to as Chevy). He and I are going through discipleship together. We met for discipleship the first time last week and had a blast going through the first page of the introduction. I told him we would take our time working through the book and that it was OK not to finish a lesson each time we met. I thought we would get a little further than the first page though, but I thoroughly loved exploring the Scriptures with him… Pray that we enjoy this time together studying Scripture and allow God’s Word to change both of our lives!

We thank you for you prayers and support! We hope and pray that God would bless you as you have blessed us! Would you continue to pray that God would keep us safe as we travel the roads on deputation, and that He would continue to bring us in contact with those whom we can be a blessing to? That He would continue to raise up young people who believe in missions? And to raise our support level so that we may reach Indonesia with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

With love in our hearts,

In service to The King,

Jens & Gina Looney

Your Missionaries To Indonesia

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