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January: Anniversary, Good-bye, and Prayer Request

Hello Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers, Month: February 2022

What a month it has been! On January 30th, Gina and I celebrated our first anniversary. It has been an incredible year full of God’s blessings. God allowed us to start the new year with 40% support, and we’ve heard of 3 new supporting churches this month! Would you join us in prayer as we seek to reach our goal of 50% support before the end of March?

On January 31st, we said goodbye to some very dear friends. Missionaries Josh and Elizabeth Ewing and their family have flown to Indonesia to begin working with the Indonesian’s in Jakarta. The Ewing family are the missionaries that we are going to be working with in Indonesia while we learn the language and the culture. We look forward to seeing them again in June as we survey the city of Jakarta and the surrounding areas in preparation for our move over to Indonesia. Currently, the Indonesian government is only allowing missions work in the city of Jakarta, but with 10+ million people, there are plenty of ministry opportunities. With that being said, we are currently planning to work in Jakarta when we arrive in Indonesia as that appears to be the door the Lord has currently opened for us.

A couple weeks ago we were told that Gina’s pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy, and we were worried about Thalia’s health. The other day we found out that Thalia, though very small, is healthy and strong. The complications we are having are because Gina’s placenta is not working properly. As a result, Thalia is now classified as having FGR (Fetal Growth Restriction). Gina has twice weekly appointments to monitor Thalia’s development and to catch any further complications as soon as possible. There is a very good possibility that Thalia will be born sooner than expected, but we are already eagerly awaiting when we can hold her in our arms. Gina will be staying home from now until Thalia arrives, while I continue to travel to our scheduled meetings for as long as possible. Please pray for Thalia to continue to grow strong and healthy and for Gina to remain healthy as well.

With love in our hearts,

In service to The King,

Jens & Gina Looney

Your Missionaries To Indonesia

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