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God's Perfect Timing

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

God has been good! He has taken very good care of me this last past month. The pastor a grew up under had a saying that I find myself repeating over and over again. “God has no favorites. But I’m His pet.” Which echoes the song “He treats as if I were His only child.” This is how I feel on an almost daily basis as I serve God.

I was traveling up to a meeting in Tennessee, on a Saturday. I had been caught in some traffic in North Georgia earlier and was going to arrive to my hotel later than planned. I was about an hour or so away from my hotel, and traffic came to a dead stop on I-40. An hour passes by and an officer walking up and turning traffic around tells me of a horrific five car crash just a few miles up the road. I realized that if I had not been caught in traffic earlier, I could very easily have been one of those five cars. God made sure I would not be one of them and I had no idea! Isn’t it just wonderful how He does these little things for us each day?

This has been a month full of excitement! Even with the events surrounding COVID-19 God has shown himself powerful and faithful through it all! During this quarantine, many churches were not booking missionaries, or outright not having services but many have begun to open back up and allow missionaries to come in and present our ministries to which God has called us. Would you continue to pray that God would not only supply the meetings to fill up our calendars, but also to supply the necessary funds to reach the field in a speedy fashion?

I’ve not heard of any new supporters this month, But that doesn’t mean it’s been a bad month. God has allowed me to book out more meetings each day. Most for the remainder of the year, but several for next year. I look forward to the next adventure He has in store for this month and writing to you all about it!

Would you continue to pray for me, that God would guide me to the right churches, that He would guide my words and actions to be a blessing to all those I come in contact with as I travel, and that He would continue to speed my way on to Indonesia?

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