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God Continues to Provide

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Three more churches decided to partner with me to reach Indonesia with the Gospel!! Praise the LORD!! One church I was with voted to take me on for support after the evening service! God is good! A few more steps closer to those who have never heard of what Christ has done for them.

This past month the inspection on my car expired. I knew I was not going to pass inspection, but I didn’t realize by just how much. I took it in to a shop to have them look over it. The head mechanic come up front after a few minutes and reads me a list of things that need fixed, most of which I was aware of. The give me a quote north of $800 and broke down why it worked out to be this much. It made sense, seemed fair so I agreed.

I ended up spending one night more in NC than I had hoped, but around noon the next day one of the shop workers came and picked me up to take me back to the shop. After working out the exact details of the cost of parts and labor, the man behind the counter looks at me and says “Look, I know you’re a man of God, and as such I want to help you out as best I can. So I’m gonna knock off a few hours of labor for you.” and I ended up paying about 2/3rds of what we had previously discussed!

Would you please be in prayer for me this upcoming month? There is a very important life changing decision going to be made very soon. It’s not a decision I have to make though, I will be asking the question to a very important young lady which the Lord brought into my life.

Would you continue to pray for me, that God would guide me to the right churches, that He would guide my words and actions to be a blessing to all those I come in contact with as I travel, and that He would continue to speed my way on to Indonesia?

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