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Getting started

So! Picking up where I left off. several weeks after Owen's funeral, I get a call from Evangelist Jerry Purtell. He needed some help in his ministry. He would travel from fair to festival all over the state preaching the gospel. He needed someone to travel with him to help with setting up, and there might even be a chance for me to preach!

I jumped on the opportunity! I was able to travel with him, help him, and preach with him for four years! Once, when I was sixteen, Bro. Jerry had to leave to help his mother who had some health issues. He left me on a Saturday for the last day of this particular fair. The fair opened at 10 am and closed at 11 pm. I preached all day and it was one of the greatest days of my life! In that year we traveled to Jamaica preaching also! We tallied it up at the end of the year and we preached to over 15,000 different people! (And that was a slow year...)

You look at me and say "Jens, this sounds great. But, what about being a Missionary? Where is the connection?" I would love to tell you, friend, BUT! It's been a long week and God has been good! I think I'm gonna have to start another blog to go out on a different day just so I can tell you all about it! But as I said, long week. You deserve to take a break and I don't want to keep you from it. I'll tell you more next week! Catch you later!


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