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Finally Settled

Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers April 2023

Time has flown by! It feels like just a few days ago I wrote out last month’s prayer letter and here we are again. This past month has been spent on getting to know our area, where everything is, how far to the nearest (fill in the blank), and so much more.

I really want to keep you guys updated with all that’s happened and going on, and the list I have kept y’all updated with has changed for the better as God has been answering our prayers, but not just ours, your prayers for us also! Here’s the quick run down of what’s going on:

1. We are basically settled in the house, and not a moment too soon. Our newest little one is due to join us in just under a month! My favorite part of our home right now is the doormat at our front door, it says “Our First Home,” and this is truly our first home. Because we knew we were leaving the country, we didn’t bother to set up a home in the States. Now we finally have a place to call our own (even though we are renting), and Indonesia truly does feel like home. God is so good!

2. Gina had an appointment at the hospital to check up on Inara last week. We praise the Lord that the doctor no longer says she has placenta previa. It has shifted so that things are normal. However, Inara is following the same path as her sister. She is small and seems to be slowing down in growing. She has the umbilical cord around her neck, but the doctor says it is not causing a problem. The doctor has requested a second opinion about Inara but is confident everything is fine. We will have this “second opinion” appointment on Monday (10th), prayers would be appreciated.

3. I am enrolled in language school! I am so excited and cannot wait to begin in-depth language learning! Prayers would be appreciated that both Gina and I are able to learn the language quickly. Right now is a major Muslim holiday time (Idul Fitri). It is over half a month of Muslim celebrations. Now more than ever we see the need to share the Gospel, but with the little language that we know, it has been basically impossible. We have been blessed to hear that the veteran missionary we are working with has had opportunities to share the Gospel, and we are praying that the Lord will give fruit from these times.

We hope to very soon begin sharing with you the amazing opportunities the Lord has given us to serve Him here in Indonesia!

With Love in our hearts,

In service to the King,

Jens, Gina, Thalia, and Inara Looney

Your Missionaries to Indonesia

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