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Away From Home

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

SO! As I was saying last week, and I hope you guys forgive the brevity of the story of how I got to where I am now. I am literally skipping over huge chunks of time and details that would bore the average listener, but I would love to tell you and over time I might reference a story or two and give you the background of it. But as I was saying, last week... I traveled with Bro. Jerry for 4 years!


My favorite times with Bro. Jerry were always in the car, traveling from one fair to another. He would say "What is today's date?" I would answer, and he would say to open my bible to the corresponding chapter in Proverbs and I could never read more than three verses before he would stop me and preach/teach on those verses for hours on end. We would get to wherever we were going and set up and u

sually there was a church in the area willing to put us up for a few nights, sometimes we had to sleep in the trailer. It was great! Mind you, I'm just sixteen. I was spending months away from home with bro. Jerry. In the four years I traveled with him, I think I spent 6 months at home in total. This was both a blessing and a blinding...


I know, that last line was a little cryptic. But, I've taken up too much of your weekend as is. I promise to clarify next week. In the meantime, go enjoy time with your family. Love'em. Smile at your brother and watch the blood drain from his face as he tries to figure out what your thi

nking. You never know what's coming next. Love y'all! Talk atchya soon!

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