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A Soul Saved and A Special Delivery

Hello Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers, Month: March 2022

What a month it has been! We’ve had several churches vote to take us on this month, and our current support is just over 40%. I had the privilege to preach a gospel message at Heritage Baptist Church, in Opelika, AL and a young lady who had been coming for a little while trusted Christ as her Savior after the service! We praise the Lord that a soul has come to trust in Him for everlasting life! On top of all of these wonderful blessings, our baby girl decided to make her appearance! It has been quite the month!

Many of you have been keeping up with the pregnancy, and we thank you so much for your prayers for us this whole time. It has been quite a ride! Thalia gave us scare on Thursday, March 3rd. Gina went into the doctor’s office for her regular appointment, but when they took an ultrasound of Thalia the doctor said that she needed to be delivered as soon as possible. Gina was admitted to the hospital and they started a steroid treatment to get Thalia ready for delivery. I was in Virginia for a Missions Conference, but the Lord allowed for us to have the time for me to get home before Thalia was delivered.

Thalia was born, Friday, March 4th weighing 5 lbs. 3oz., and measuring 18 1/2 Inches. She was able to spend her first night in the room with us, but due to low blood sugar, she was moved to the NICU. She was on an IV and feeding tube until today, Monday, but even as I right this letter, she has been taken off of the IV and the tube is only there if needed. She is doing well with regulating her own blood sugar but will still need monitoring and a few more days in the NICU before she is ready to go home. If all continues to go well, she should be able to come home this weekend.

Gina has been recovering from the c-section rather well. She was up and about before I would have preferred her to be, but one of the many reasons I love her is because nothing can keep her down. She should be released from the hospital tomorrow. We would appreciate your continued prayers as we adjust to becoming a family of three, and pray for Thalia to continue to grow and strengthen so that we can all be together soon. Hopefully,

by the time you read this or shortly thereafter, we will all be home as a family, and a

short time later, traveling together as a family on deputation to take the gospel to the

country of Indonesia.

We thank you for you prayers and support! We hope and pray that God would bless you

as you have blessed us! Would you pray God continues to bless out family with

health and safety as we travel raising support to bring the Gospel to Indonesia?

With love in our hearts,

In service to The King,

Jens & Gina Looney

Your Missionaries To Indonesia

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