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A Long Time Ago...

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

After I put my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins everything began to change. Day to day life was still normal, but I had a new desire to know God and to be with His people. It wasn't long after trusting Jesus my older brother, Owen, died. His desire for his life was to be a missionary to Nigeria. I can still remember standing at the foot of his grave as they began to bury the casket thinking.


"Who is going to tell those Nigerian people that Owen is not coming to bring them the gospel?..." I paused for a moment, looked up and said: "God if you'll have me, I will be a missionary." You'd think "Great! So... Why aren't you a missionary to Nigeria then???" Wild story...


Funny you should ask though! But, I'm sure you have a very busy day ahead of you. So I'll have to continue the story another time. Don't worry, It'll be right here same time next week. Work hard, Be safe, Trust God. See you soon.

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